The Maine Highlands Council for the Arts

The Maine Highlands Council for the Arts connects, strengthens,
and celebrates all branches of the arts in the region.

One of the best-kept secrets of the Piscataquis region is its arts community. Painters, potters, musicians, dancers, actors,
poets, and creative minds of all sorts thrive here. The Maine Highlands Council for the Arts (MHCA) is in the process of creating
an online Artists Directory, a database of the rich artistic resources in the area. 

Imagine you have dreamed of learning a musical instrument- perhaps guitar, banjo or ukulele. With the MHCA Artists Directory,
you will be able to search for teachers quickly and easily. 
Or perhaps you are an artist, trying to gain greater visibility.
A simple online form will enable you to make your contact information and details about your work easily findable. Best of all,
you will be part of a collective of artists, creating a presence that can draw people to find their own creativity.

Check out our upcoming events!

March 5th | 6:00-7:30 PM – Writers Panel- Chris Packard, Rollin Thurlow and Jerry Stelmak, Garrett Conover.

April 7th – Solar Eclipse Festival

April 27th | 1 pm Workshop & Concert to follow at 4 pm – Owen Kennedy & Ethan Tischler

June 29th – Art Walk

July (details TBD) – Bookhead Sweettooth Concert

August 3rd | 6 pm – Pan Storm Concert

August 25th | 2pm – Jacqueline Schwab Concert

August 31st – Ants on a Log

November 9th | 12:00 noon- 4:00 pm – Fall Folk Festival

All performing and visual artists and teachers are invited to be listed on the Artists’ Directory.

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