Age-Friendly Committee has Reconvened at Central Hall Commons

Mission Statement: “To enhance the lives of all people who live in our town with the goal of building a community for all ages.” 

Part of this reconvening work included the design of a new logo that represents connecting the generations in Dover-Foxcroft. We engaged the art students at Foxcroft Academy in this development and are excited to reveal this new design soon.

In 2016, the town of Dover-Foxcroft expressed an interest and commitment to the AARP/World Health Organization Network of Age-Friendly Communities. We recognize the importance of promoting age-friendly planning and policies to address changing demographics in our region. We strive to implement a continual improvement process to support active and healthy aging. Healthy aging is one of Central Hall Commons’ re-focused values as a Multi-Generational Community Center. We are proud to provide a space to make this work possible.

With several initiatives in place, we are now gearing up to accomplish this based on the findings of our most recent assessment of the community’s age-friendliness and the development of our action plan on how to support programming that will aid us in reaching the goals presented therein.

According to AARP’s Livable Communities Network:

“An action plan is based on the results of community surveys identifying needs within the 8 Domains of Livability that influence the health and quality of life of older adults. While there is flexibility in how a plan is created and what it will do, every action plan includes a statement about what can be achieved, target dates for goal completion, identification of participating organizations and indicators to measure progress. The action plan is an “active” rather than static document. Revisions and amendments are a sign of program improvement and progress.”


Volunteer Opportunity
Central Hall Commons has a number of volunteer opportunities. If you would like more information please complete this form and one of our staff members will be in touch soon! Thank You.

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