Programs in Dover-Foxcroft

Central Hall Commons has been building a collection of virtual roundtable discussions on a myriad of topics. Our mission is to nurture a welcoming, inclusive, healthy, rural community culture by engaging people and organizations in the Maine Highlands region in connecting, celebrating, and learning together. 

We hope you’ll join us!

Our Common Purpose Series – The Commission on the Practice of Democratic Citizenship spent two years engaging with communities all over the U.S. to explore how best to respond to the weaknesses and vulnerabilities in our political and civic life. In this series we review the strategies and recommendations in the report:  Our Common Purpose: Redefining American Democracy for the 21st Century with expert facilitators. 

Common Conversations Series With support from the Maine Humanities Council, this series began in response to the changes and challenges within our community during the pandemic. Their mission to foster meaningful connection and positive change in communities throughout Maine takes the long view, takes humanity seriously, and requires commitment and delight.

The Meet The Author Series introduces our listeners to (mostly) local authors in a relaxed conversational podcast format. We discuss their most recent work, what led them to write and general conversation as it evolves in the span of an hour. Future episodes of the series may include collaboration for In-Person events with Thompson Free Library. 

Working Community Challenges: The Working Communities Challenge advances local collaborative efforts that build strong, healthy economies and communities in northern New England’s rural towns, regions, and smaller cities. With a focus on economic opportunity for communities and residents with low incomes, this unique three-year grant competition is supported by the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, State Government, national and local philanthropy, and private sector employers.

Dover-Foxcroft Age Friendly Committee 

American Exchange Project AEP is a first-of-its-kind, free domestic summer exchange program for graduated high school seniors. This is a chance to travel, explore, and learn more about the United States from the people and places in it.

Maine Highlands Arts Council 

The Work that Reconnects Workshop Once a week, over 4 weeks this series will include reflective writing, music, group practices, guided meditation, time in nature, visioning and other rituals for reconnecting with the Earth and each other. The process of the “spiral” helps us build gratitude, motivation, courage, creativity and active hope for transition into a more compassionate, sustainable society.

Spirit Pause  A different mindfulness session every week, streaming on Facebook Live. Spend a few minutes a week connecting in the spirit of contemplation. In this way we can move more easily through challenges, strengthened by the knowledge that we are all in this together. We hope you will find yourself drawn to come often, to center yourself and enjoy Spirit Pause as our gift to you.

Why is it good for the community?  Meditation helps people to develop inner calm, clarity of awareness, compassionate self-awareness; and reduces harmful effects of stress, chronic pain, isolation, and other social and personal trauma.