The Maine Highlands, Working Communities Challenge, Wants You

The Working Communities Challenge advances local collaborative efforts that build strong, healthy economies and communities in Maine’s rural towns, regions, and smaller cities.


We are working on several projects that would benefit from your lived experience, expertise, or support through participation and/or sharing what we do to serve our communities. 


The Workforce Group focuses on understanding the challenges of rural Mainers as they seek to participate in the post-Covid job market. In addition, we are talking with local businesses to understand their perspectives on strategies to address labor shortages. 


The Youth Committee has several initiatives focused on youth, including establishing a mentorship program in each of our five school districts, providing resources to improve mental health and well-being, and engaging youth in strategies to mitigate the risk they experience, such as creating a Youth Advisory Board and creating a Youth Interactive Improv Team that will focus on engaging peers and the community in difficult conversations. 


There is also a Youth Documentary Team that will be helping to promote and support a ‘Paper Tigers’ style documentary where the local school youth will share stories of their experiences, victories, and challenges in rural Maine. 

Anywhere you volunteer, you can help address regional concerns, troubleshoot challenges, and find sustainable solutions that lead to a more vibrant, thriving community in The Maine Highlands Region.
For more information, please contact Wanda Labrecque.
You can fill out a short questionnaire about volunteering by clicking here.

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