Welcome to Central Hall Commons

Nurturing a welcoming, inclusive, healthy, rural community culture by engaging people and organizations in the Maine Highlands region in connecting, celebrating and learning together is at the forefront of all we do at Central Hall Commons.

After spending years imagining how we might best serve our friends and neighbors in Piscataquis County and points beyond, we envision a community where all voices are heard, and people of all generations feel safe, valued, included and cared about.

Central Hall Commons is committed to honoring the values of Courage, Inclusion, Healthy Aging, Inspiration, Interconnectedness, Place and History, Cooperation and Respect as they guide our program development and mission delivery. We hope you’ll join us!

What’s Happening


Central Hall Commons is committed to engaging the community in conversations that matter – even when difficult – for the sake of the greater community good. We support courage in individuals who show up and share their perspectives. We value naming issues in our community and providing civil, respectful space for dialogue.

Central Hall Commons welcomes diversity with respect to race, gender, age, sexual orientation, religion, economic situation, marital and family status, and cultural identity. We recognize diverse ability levels and intentionally reach out to all people in our community to make our space, programs, and resources widely accessible. We treat everyone with kindness.

We are creating tomorrow’s history today and we value the opportunity to do this with respect, fairness and justice. We acknowledge that our history involves disregard and disrespect to whole groups of people over time. This is as much a part of our story as are the positive contributions. We actively work towards equity in all we do.

Central Hall Commons actively seeks to partner and collaborate with entities in the Maine Highlands region to build healthy, resilient communities. We value learning from others and working together to nurture creative solutions to community challenges.

Central Hall Commons believes that every older person is unique. We create an environment and offer programs that ensure wellbeing, health, safety, and vitality for all older people in our communities.

Central Hall Commons believes in the power of sharing and celebrating our stories, cultures, identities, knowledge and experiences generation after generation. CHC is a place for story sharing, reverent and joyful celebrations, and creative, imaginative experiences with people of all ages and abilities.

We foster these connections in all that we do and actively break down barriers that stand in the way of achieving physical and mental wellness, dignity and vitality for people in all stages of life, and environmental health and wholeness.

Central Hall Commons embraces respect as a way of being and values the wisdom of diverse voices. We encourage respectful listening by withholding judgement and asking questions to seek understanding. We set up our space, structure our gatherings, and offer programs in ways that embody respect. Our staff, volunteers, and participants treat each other and our space with respect and kindness.